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How do I know if my scholar struggles with executive Function?

It is not uncommon for many scholars to experience various degrees of EF challenges over the course of adolescence. However, for some, as demands grow, these deficits can further impact academic performance, social-emotional development, and most importantly, keep them from reaching their goals and future opportunities. 

Common Behaviors Associated with Ef Deficits:

Acts on impulse 

Easily frustrated 

Puts off HW until the last minute

Often misplaces belongings 

Resents changes in plans/routines

Disorganized backpack & notes 

Lacks efficient study skills 

Says things without thinking 

Easily distracted

Says "I'll do it later" and then forgets about it 

How We work

At NeuroObjectives we create the future.


Our academic coaching program utilizes the brain's neuroplasticity to create new and stronger neural networks through personalized executive skills training -- helping your scholar reach his/her goals more efficiently.  




From day one, you are paired with a dedicated academic coach, who will create a personalized learning plan that implements interventions to rewire the neural connections of the brain. Our innovative approach pulls from the most up-to-date research and takes the time to establish a deep sense of trust between coach and scholar. We work to create a sense of calm amid the chaos of everyday life, and by anticipating potential stressors ahead of time, we teach skills to promote emotion regulation, organization and timely completion of projects and goals.


We pride ourselves in our commitment to you and your family. When you sign up for a NeuroObjectives session, you'll get:


  • A safe and positive learning environment for scholars of all ages and backgrounds

  • Dependable around the clock support from an expert academic coach

  • A customized, research-based learning plan along with progress notes for each session


Contact us today to set-up your initial consultation.

How We Work

Our Founder 

Dr. Haleh Kouchmeshki's passion for education, psychology, and yoga led to the creation of the holistic, research-based academic coaching program known as NeuroObjectives.


From her student-athlete days in her hometown of Palos Verdes, CA to her long-term career as a private educational consultant and tutor, Dr. Kouchmeshki is no stranger to juggling multiple responsibilities and priorities. Her strong work ethic and outgoing yet relaxed personality have helped her excel at reaching her life goals and have given her the gift to help her students do the same.

After earning her B.A. in psychology from UCLA on an academic scholarship, Dr. Kouchmeshki decided to continue her studies and completed her M.A. at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education & Psychology and her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Azusa Pacific University in the specialized field of neuropsychology. In December of 2021 she completed her degree in educational therapy at California State University, Northridge. She has trained at some of the country’s most competitive neuropsychology centers including: UCLA’s Longevity Center, Mary S. Easton’s Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research at UCLA, and has worked as a pediatric neuropsychological assistant at Golden State Neuropsychology. Additionally, in the fall of 2021, she joined Dr. Alissa Ellis' Team, Ellis Effect, as an extern and is currently a post-doctoral fellow, to further her clinical skills in empirically supported therapies. With a passion for school based interventions, Dr. Kouchmeshki moved outside of Chicago to complete her doctoral level training at Connections Therapeutic Day School, where she specialized in work with children and teens who had moderate to severe emotional disabilities often due to trauma. Now, back home in Los Angeles, Dr. Kouchmeshki continues to work in private practice and has also started a recent position at Oakwood School, working as the Middle School Counselor and Human Development Instructor.


Dr. Kouchmeshki’s experience in understanding how various disorders affect the brain and a person's behavior gives her greater insight into the challenges many of her students face. She expands on the evidence-based treatment approaches of western philosophy by incorporating meditation and yoga into her sessions. This unique combination of techniques has tremendous neurological benefits and is the basis of NeuroObjectives one-of-a-kind coaching program.




I can never repay you for your help in getting my son through this last year. It goes way beyond homework help. You propped both he and I up in so many ways and gave us a touchstone to rely on and count on when things felt overwhelming. You are changing lives and making such a huge difference. Thank you!” 


—  Deb R., Parent 

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